Curriculum information


In order to incubate human resources in biomedical statistical field with both “practice” and “research” capabilities, the curriculum is designed with three series of required courses, namely, “statistical consultation”, “statistical computing” and “seminars”.

“Statistical computing”:

The main objective of statistical computing (I) and (II) is to train students to use statistical software SAS. In addition to basic capabilities such as statistical analysis, it also emphasizes the skills in programming and data processing, for example, data sorting, data manipulation, aways and loops, macro language, SQL etc. To use life statistical data, National Health Insurance (Taiwan) database, large scale longitudinal research and cancer registration data, it usually needs the students to use higher level computing language to process large amount of data, therefore, Statistical computing (I) and (II) will enhance students’ research capability in this regard. Moreover with basic statistical theory students can set up simulation conditions and implement them.

“Statistical consultation”:

The series of statistical consultation running 4-semester in a row including are mainly to train students’ statistical consulting capabilities. Including, the face-to-face communication capability with experts in the biomedical field, practice of analysis of biostatistics, professional oral and written reports for statistical consultation, and the capability to collaborate with experts from biomedical field.


Seminar are mainly to train students’ research capabilities, including, finding problems, finding research topics, and developing new statistical methods. In each semester, students are requested to report in both Chinese and English to enhance students’ professional expression in biostatistics and epidemiology.


Credit recognition

The graduation condition for students in this graduate institute is to take complete 36 credit hours, meanwhile, among the optional courses, 2/3 must be courses opened by this department or graduate institute for the student to get graduated. The main consideration in the planning of the curriculum of this graduate institute is to let the human resources in statistical analysis trained by this graduate institute meet the goal of setup and goal of education of this graduate institute, meanwhile, to cope with the need from the market, it is hoped that students can have smooth connection to the job market after their graduation.

Graduation credit recognition

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